Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Drift Seeds text captioned video trailer - April 26, 2016

Click here for our video trailer!

Video description: the camera pans over a clothesline on a sunny and breezy day. Behind the clothesline is a wooden fence. Fixed to the line with wooden clothespins are off-white fabric pieces, cut in large triangles. They are all printed and swaying in the wind with various bird and plant prints in earthy green, yellow, and copper colors. 

The audio voicover is subtitled and runs across the screen with the following text: (choir director speaks during first rehearsal) "The song is by composers Spy Denhomme-Welch and Catherine Magowan - there should be two pages..." (choir singing) "All the birds of the air. Fell a-sighing and a-sobbing. When they heard the bell toll for poor Rock Robin."

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Red Dress Productions presents 
A poetic parody for people living in absurd times 

Friday June 9 & Saturday June 10 @ 7pm and Sunday June 11 @ 1pm
Winchester Park, Toronto

From Bleecker Street to Rose Avenue, and from Carlton Street to Wellesley Street, over 100 performers and artists across a spectrum of ages, abilities, and identities will come together to present a vibrant, multi-sensory theatrical production with elements of live description and integrated ASL performances to their communities.

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We aim to offer barrier-free arts programming. Please contact us if you have any access needs such as ASL interpretation or live/audio description.

Red Dress Productions produces original multi-disciplinary artwork that strives for innovation, inclusion, and excellence that elicits dialogue and creative exchange transforming community spaces with public art. Since 2005, Red Dress Productions has engaged 4000+ contributors creating 15+ community artwork projects, producing several original stage performances, and touring urban & rural Canada.