Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Winchester Park Public Art Project | Dispatch # 7

More work created by the awesome Winchester Public School children in Lee Hicks' classroom who we've been working with over the past two months. The illustrations depict students' wishes and intentions for their friends, family, and, in some cases, for those who are unknown but recognized for our shared humanity. 

Photography by Katie Yealland. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Art in the Parks: The Winchester Park Public Art Project | Dispatch # 6

Last weekend we launched Art in the Parks -- an experiment of sorts where we set up tables loaded with mono printing  paper construction and puppet making art supplies and invited passersby to join us in four different parks including Winchester Square Park, Fieldstone Park, St James Park, and Winchester Park .

We wondered: Would people be intersted in joining a motley crew of artists in outdoor art adventures, surrounded by a cacophany of sounds and the hustle and bustle of people travelling form here to there by foot, wheelchair, bicycle, car, bus, and moped while walking their dogs and toting groceries?

Some joined us for both Saturday and Sunday in different locations, and others for a few minutes. Several people said, "This is exactly what should be happening in our parks! When are you coming back?" Others suggested that we make contact with organizations they're connected with including an after school program, a faith-based group, and grassroots neighbourhood initiatives. 

Thank you to all those who accepted our invitations to make art and share stories. Art in the Parks was a lot of fun, and yes, we'll do it again!

Art in the Parks is part of Promise in the Park: The Winchester Park Public Art Project, a four-year community art project in Winchester Park and St James Town communities. Over the next three years, we will create collaborative mosaic public art for area parks, and also a community play presented by and for local communities.