Thursday, January 19, 2012

Custom Ceramics for the Bleecker Coop Memorial Project

The Bleecker Coop Memorial Project features several custom fabrication processes including handmade  tiles produced in Bleecker Coop's own ceramics studio: Studio 85  founded by ceramic artist Henry Campos. 

Henry led the first of two ceramics workshops (January 17 and 30) with more than 10 coop members.  It seems appropriate that  contributors are producing two special elements of the artwork -- the Great Bear and the blue orbs, which are an abstracted representation of the Great Bear constellation, most commonly known as Ursa Major.

Handmade ceramic tiles.
Brushing on glaze.

Henry describing clay particle structure.

A demonstration of how to test slab depth.

Eva, Noel, and Liliana rolling out their clay slabs. 

Liliana preparing canvas grounds.

Gary working on the wheel.

A demonstration of rolling technique to produce consistent slab depth.