Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Goings On

Dear Readers, Creative People, and Change-makers,

We haven't posted here in a while but things haven't been quiet at Red Dress Productions. We've been working with partners on imagining the framework for three new interdisciplinary projects -- one of which is beginning this fall -- we're entering a mentorship with a York University Community Arts student, and we've been grant writing to support our creative endeavours.

We've also been widening our view to more deeply consider how to sustain our work -- both as artist-creators and as a production company -- ten, twenty, and thirty years down the long road. The word legacy comes up a lot. On that note . . .

The plaque for "Many Hands Make Light Work" (Sherbourne Health Centre Community Mosaic Project) was designed by Tariq Sami and fabricated by the folks at the Lettering Shop, and is now installed.

Please click on the image for a (slightly) larger view.