Thursday, December 10, 2015

Promise in the Park: The Write Stuff

From our weekly creative writing workshop the Write Stuff: A Collaborative Creative Writing Warm-Up Practice designed by Anna Camilleri

The photos documents collaborative poems created in small groups.

Writers are invited to respond creatively to the word prompts provided in any way: by writing narrative, poetry, word strings, dialogue. Approximately 1 minute per word. 

The word prompts provided: Snowflake, mango, stairs, red, water.

Each writer selects 5 of their words that they want to spend more time with. Those words are rewritten on single word cards.
All of the word cards are collected, shuffled, and taped up on the wall as 4 randomly-placed word clusters.

Writers separate into four groups, each around one cluster, to collaboratively “write” a new piece with the words provided. Some or all words provided could be used, and one or two could be added.