Thursday, June 20, 2013

“Everyone. Everywhere.” A Mural Recognizing Personhood Before the Law

Arts Etobicoke is pleased to announce Everyone. Everywhere.— a community engaged mixed media mural initiative in partnership with Amnesty International’s Project: Urban Canvas, Creative Village Studio, and with the generous support of the  City of Toronto’s StreetART program.

RED DRESS PRODUCTIONS is honoured to steward the creation of Everyone. Everywhere. through a community engaged artistic process.

Everyone. Everywhere. revolves around the idea embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 6, which states:

“Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law”. 

Louise Garfield, Executive Director of Arts Etobicoke says, "Our ongoing work with neighbour Creative Village Studio and their clients, who have intellectual disabilities, brings this human rights issue into sharp focus. People who are differently able and their contributions (artistic and otherwise) are often invisible to and undervalued by the general public. Our proposed mixed media mural will bring these artists’ work into the public realm and marry their artwork with the human rights awareness of Amnesty International’s Project: Urban Canvas, which seeks to bring Toronto public attention to human rights in a series of 30 murals.

The message is a strong one: recognizing everyone as a person before the law. The connection we hope to make between this concept and the real lives of our neighbours at Creative Village will shine a light and focus others in our community and the broader GTA to become more aware of ALL the people living in our community and how art can facilitate real change in our society.”

The site for Everyone. Everywhere. is the 100 ft x 3 ft. bridge on the South East side of Islington Ave, just south of Dundas Street West, in Etobicoke. 

Please join us at a community consultation:
Monday July 29, 2013
at Arts Etobicoke
4893A Dundas Street West

Contact info:
Shira Spector, Arts Etobicoke Programs and Outreach Coordinator

Ruth Cumberbatch, Arts Etobicoke Fundraising and Communications Manager

416 622 8731